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Elements of Eternity Humboldt /Elements Boss Bitch Line and Elements Humboldt organic Cultivation Farms and EOE Reno N.V LLC Alternative Healing medicine


ELEMENTS OF ETERNITY Humboldt & Boss Bitch Farms natural alternative medicines HUMBOLDT COUNTY C.A and Nevada Reno/sparks/Carson .. Elements Humboldt celebrateing Over 20 years in Buisness..

BOSS BITCH/DICK-A person that is extremely successful, stunting, strong, courageous, - a survivor, and has plenty of power in their own life..BOSS business over stupid shit
BOSS BITCH/DICK-A person that is extremely successful, stunting, strong, courageous, - a survivor, and has plenty of power in their own life..BOSS business over stupid shit
Elements of Humboldt Website is under new Construction,and in the process to be updated to reflect Elements new 2019 Cannabis medicine line
Elements of Humboldt Website is under new Construction,and in the process to be updated to reflect Elements new 2019 Cannabis medicine line


Elements Humboldt -707-382-6995

Order and intake Text line 707 633-8344

Elements Humboldt ordering- please text your inquiry to this elements number and a elements representative will get back to you shortly 707-633-8344

Elements  Humboldt November 2019 News Letter UPDATE  ♂️♀️♾☯️☮

Elements Website is under new Construction and in the process to be updated to reflect Elements new 2019/20 Cannabis medicine line,PLEASE NOTE, all Elements medicines and products have been changed,  Elements Bud Flower menu Has Been Updated, New Edible line or other meds..please text your inquiry to one of Elements representative or on call Bud tenders to discuss current products And menu Options,Elements is also exited that soon u will be able to talk with a live Elements Humboldt Crew member live right here on the website as well as ask questions and Comments on Owner Rebeccahs New BOSS BITCH thoughts Blog page right here on elements humboldt official website

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Humboldt County's & Nevada's #1 Medical cannabis Collective/Dispensary/ distributions , and Humboldt Boss Bitch Organic Cultivation Farms,and fully independent distribution and delivery service...Elements has been providing top shelf cannabis medicines to suffering patients for over 20 years.. Elements Humboldt owner and Founder Rebeccah, has built its foundation from the ground up, Proudly owning 3 fully legal organic cultivation farms,Discretely placed around Humboldt and Medicino County, providing jobs to many local families, as well as 100% fully independent from any corporation or distributors, Elements takes pride that it is 100% fully self run independent from any outside sources, from cultivation, labs, packaging,product & medicine making and distributions..Elements is 100% independent and female run, and one of the most successful independent competitor in the Cannabis industry local, far and wide...ALL GLORY TO GOD



ATTENTION!!! PLEASE KNOW AND UNDERSTAND That, YOUR AGE AND IDENTITY WILL BE VERIFIED BEFORE ANY DISCUSSION ON MEDICINES TAKE PLACE,  due to the nature of our products we can't just speak/offer them to just anyone, there is a screening process, you must verify true identity and that you are of legal age sending a reply to the email on the contact page a photo of your current state ID for driver's license verifying and proving that you are an adult over the age of 21 years old, as it is a felony and federal offense to even speak to a minor under the age of 21 about medical marijuana products, being caught even doing so can result in felony charges,once age and identity has been verified we would be happy to help answer any of your questions and proceed conversations about your personal medical needs.  you can either reply or send a text to Elements business phone at 707-633-8344 OR  707-382-6995 , And someone will get back to you thank you..Kim elements intake screening process manager

Elements Humboldt
Elements Humboldt

Here at elements of Eternity Humboldt County California, We strive to Cultivate, make, and produce the best organic top shelf most potent Pure medical cannabis medicines that California has to offer, we are a fully independent California prop 215 and prop 64 compliance medical marijuana Collective/Dispensary , Organic cultivation farms and large distribution facility,and delivery service,our line is offered in many Dispensaries far and wide, it is our desire and passion to produce the best quality medicines, we put our  heart and soul into all Elements products," my passion and desire is to help as many people suffering as I can ,making medical marijuana medicines has never been about money for me", it's sad to see that the medical marijuana industry has become full of money and greed, which goes against everything we all fought so hard for, this is the reason why I do what I do, just go into any marijuana dispensary in the state of California, the prices are jacked so high that only the wealthy can afford any medicines, and the sad part is 90% of it is water down snake oil, there's a huge problem when a I 18:1 -5 ml bottle of cannabis tincture oil or should I say coconut snake oil cost $76?,50 mg edible $15? 100mg thc 15 ml tincture $85+? 1/8th bud flower $50?, 2 oz topical that has 100mg  $100 +? Thc rso oil $68 a gram? Pre roll joints of trim/shake $12 each?? And this is just the cheap stuff, there's products that go all the way into the hundreds of dollars.. it is truly sad to see the medical marijuana industry turning into big Pharma, I see it all around me the industry has turned from helping people who suffer into money and greed,


Here it Elements all our products are true medical marijuana products, we do NOT offer Industrial Hemp CBD only products, all of our products contain all elements and DNA genetic profile of the whole cannabis plant including thca, CBD cannabidiol and CBN

There is a multi-Million-dollar scam going on all over the world and running rampant in the United States..where large and small companies, collectives,  dispensaries and even Mom and Pop's, are selling Industrial Hemp CBD bi- product oils and isolates, as something special and medicinal when the truth of the matter is its absolute garbage and nothing medicinal about it. As somebody who takes medical marijuana and the cannabis plant extremely serious, and specializing in cannabis and medical marijuana medicines and pharmaceuticals for over 20 years..MALE HEMP AND FEMALE CANNABIS ARE 2 SEPARATE PLANTS, although they share some of the same DNA genetic profiles, and cannot exist without the other,.. it absolutely makes me sick to see companies and people who know the difference, making millions selling absolute fucking garbage,YES Industrial Hemp aka male hemp plant do have a natural cannabidiol AKA CBD DNA genetic profile,BUT ITS NOT MEDICAL, and it is not the same CBD cannabidiol genetic DNA profile that's in a female medicinal cannabis Bud flower.. it's a word of play multi-million-dollar scam CBD just stands for cannabidiol, for example, there are thousands of different proteins, we just Loosely use the word protein, yet the DNA genetic profile of the protein in an avocado is entirely different than the DNA genetic profile of the protein in a steak, it's the same thing with cannabidiol, several plants, herbs, and even humans produce and natural cannabidiol,THAT DONT MEAN they all have the same DNA genetic profile.. Industrial Hemp CBD products that you so widely see legally available online, at gas stations, at vape stores, and yes even at marijuana dispensaries, is no different than buying industrial hemp seed oil and isolates next to the Crisco and lard at any grocery store across the nation..YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT naturally separate the natural genetic DNA profile of THC from its counterpart medicinal cannabidiol CBD from a female marijuana bud flower.. if your CBD cannabidiol medicines and products do not have its natural ratio of THC, and CBN, and thca, listed on your product then it is made from fully legal garbage overseas imported Industrial Hemp stock by-product.. only a female cannabis plant can produce a fruiting medical medicinal Bud flower containing the healing properties of THC, true CBD cannabidiol, CBN, and thca.. ratios of each of these DNA genetic profiles entirely depends on the strain cultivated, although you cannot naturally separate THC from its true medicinal CBD cannabidiol profile, us as cultivators can grow CBD dominant hybrids, such as Charlotte's Web, trident, harlequin, and Ringo's gift, all measuring in THC ratios as low as 0.3% -8% THCA and true medicinal cannabidiol CBD profile as high as 17%.. these examples of CBD dominant genetic DNA profile true medicinal cannabis plants, are perfect for making tinctures, capsules, dry herb Bud flower smoke, Edibles, and many other medicines for patient who Depend and rely on the medicinal relief of true CBD cannabidiol, without the huge mind-altering effects of THC, and depending on the genetic profile ratios of the THC in CBD entirely depends on the psychoactive effects, ranging from 0, to a very mild calmness.. it pisses me off and hurts when I see this purposeful multi-billion-dollar scam in confusion, where companies and dispensaries are purposely confusing the word hemp and cannabis in the same sentence.. as stated both a male hemp plant and a female cannabis plant contain a natural CBD cannabidiol profile, EXCEPT one is medicinal and one is not.. both male hemp and female cannabis marijuana have their own each individual DNA genetic profile and uses, the male hemp is an absolutely amazing industrial reusable resource, not only for it's amazing oils that could be used for cooking, and even running vehicles and generators, but it's very fibrous stocks could be used as a renewable resource of wood, paper, and clothes, we as humans would advance so much in overcoming global warming, oil drilling, cutting down trees and a plethora of other natural resources if we were allowed to utilize this amazing plant we call hemp, the female's purpose is entirely medicinal, her true healing powers of her beautiful medical terpenes and DNA genetic profile of her thca, CBN, and CBD cannabidiol along with 200 other DNA genetic markers in her amazing God given plant, has healed and help aid in healing, and pain and suffering throughout human history for thousands of years, not to mention her luscious beautiful fan leaves that have a plethora of vitamins and healing potential when used in juicing and salads... my whole point in writing this, is, for several years, and it's getting worse now I've seen so many suffering patients me and used and manipulated and confused by this word of play hemp versus cannabis, thinking they are buying the same thing spending lots of money and then finally getting their product and it do absolutely nothing, they base it off of what they read on Google, unfortunately Google is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and all these fake CBD scam artists pay Google a lot of money to have all their bogus research, and bullshit websites on the top of search engines so the unsuspecting looker it's a false truth  when it comes to True Medical marijuana and cannabidiol CBD.. elements get over a hundred messages and phone calls from folks who have been scammed by companies just like this, true medicinal cannabidiol CBD from a true medical marijuana female bud flower is one of the strongest and most efficient anti-inflammatories in the world, the CDC, and big Pharma know this, which is why they are synthetically creating it in Labs along with THC and calling it something else, because they absolutely will not publicly admit the absolute healing Miracle of this plant.. please do your research when purchasing CBD only products, if it says anywhere on the product or on the bottle that this product is derived from fully legal Industrial Hemp..RUN FROM IT,ITS GARBAGE!!!!! Instead search for True medical medicinal cannabis CBD dominant hybrid products such as Charlotte's Web or harlequin. 

I'm not trying to knock anyone down I'm just telling people to be careful there are a lot of scam artists and people out there just for the money and to make a quick buck, they do not care about you or your ailment all they care about is stacking those Benjamins while you suffer and they laugh all the way to the bank...  Here at elements of Eternity  Humboldt, we strive to offer the best most potent  medicines for suffering patients, all products are made with top shelf medical marijuana medicinal Bud flowers never trim, every formula and recipe has taken years to perfect, I put my heart and soul into every single medicine I make whether that's a topical, THC oil, edible, or tincture, the difference in quality and potency between elements medical marijuana products, and others that you will find online or in dispensaries is absolutely uncanning, I'm not going to beef up my products, or give a speech how much mine are better than anyone else's ,I allow my products/ medicines to speak for themselves, as well as the thousands of elements  member satisfaction,  here at elements we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we are a non profit  Medical cannabis Collective, We distribute medical marijuana medicines to suffering sick patients local far and wide . elements also offers a sliding scale as well as financial waiver for patients on a fixed limited income, for qualifying  Members.. Elements of Eternity Humboldt County is Family owned, we have absolutely no desire to ever become industrial or huge mass producers, we don't seek,find or solicit members or patients, to the contrary we allow faith for people in need to find us, we prefer to stay a  family endeavor, as profit money and greed is not our purpose or drive.. helping ease the pain and suffering of people's ailments diseases pain and suffering is our only driving factor in what I do.... here at elements of Eternity Humboldt County we believe in helping and giving back there community, elements gives $1 for every dollar it donated to those in need... every product / medicine made here at elements of Eternity is made with the purest of love from my spirit to yours, much love God bless 
Elements of Eternity medical marijuana Collective Humboldt County California
WARNING- this is a California prop 215 and prop 64 compliance Collective you must be 21 years old with proof of ID