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Elements original medicated THC/CBD cannabomb each bomb comes with 5 oz cannabomb,2 cups herble blend bath sales, tub candle and stones, garnished with dry herbs and flowers.. $14
Elements original medicated THC/CBD cannabomb each bomb comes with 5 oz cannabomb,2 cups herble blend bath sales, tub candle and stones, garnished with dry herbs and flowers.. $14


Original Medicated 150mg thc/cbd Cannabis Bath Bomb -$14 EACH
Despite many many MANY FAKE knockoffs of the cannabomb,Truth be known,AND I SAY THIS WITH NOTHING BUT LOVE AND HUMBLENESS..I/owner of Elements of Eternity, Formulated the TRUE ORIGINAL medicated 150mg  "Cannabomb" 15 years ago in my Lab,it took years to perfect and i put my heart an soul into its perfection and medicinal purpose,since i launched my REAL " Canabomb" TO THE PUBLIC SEVERAL YEARS AGO, many knock offs have followed suit with there fake, useless, manipulating market gimmick so called "Cannabomb", in fact i know SEVERAL local females and online " unlicensed entrepreneurs" scamming the public and poor naive people,desperate for some kind of relief..with the false claims of THERE FAKE ASS cannabombs, claiming they are some kind of cure all miracle,cuz they made it with HEMP SEED OIL!!!! LYING TO PEOPLE CLAIMING all kinds of curing bullshit andnclaiming THERE IS CBD IN THEM WHEN THERE IS NOT!!!! Selling them for $25 each..SICKKNING!!!!! Industrial " Hemp seed" oil is NOTHING more than a cooking oil, that you can buy in any cooking oil at ANY STORE IN THE USA and adds NO MEDICINAL BENEFITS..and they call it a " CannaBOMB" because they used Hemp seed oil...CANNABIS OIL AND INDUSTRIAL HEMP SEED OIL ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!! A true cannabomb is made with REAL marajauna BUD FLOWER either infused in a oil or extracted from the bud flowers from a female cannabis plant such as THC/RSO Oil, and then added to the products, here at Elements my cannabombs are made with both infused and extracted THC/CBD from organic Bud Flowers..Each Cannabomb has 150 mg THC and between 10%-14% CBD  depending on the strain that was used for each Batch..THC/CBD is not the only herbal ingredients, as a licences herbalist i am the first to admit that Cannabis is NOT the only medicinal herb that helps heal and aid in helping many health ailments bomb formula contain over 15 different oils,herbs and spices that all work in harmony...Each Bomb comes with a very important mineral that is VERY important in achieving maximum medicinal benefits from my cannabomb, With the Canna bomb you also get 2 Cups of a custom formulated herbal blend magnesium sulfate aka Epson salts..when formulating my cannabomb several years ago i realized that although the medicinal ingredients do absorb on there own into the skin tissue, by adding magnesium sulfate to the bath,, it helps open the pores of the skin tissue for maximum absorption,as well as magnesium sulfate also being known to help detox the pores of the skin tissue.FILL TUB WITH AS HOT OF WATER AS YOU CAN STAND IT TO OPEN PORES ON SKIN TISSUE...USE ABSOLUTELY NO SOAP,SO SHOWER FIRST ,..Once epson salts are dissolved in the tub go ahead and clime in and relax and drop your REAL Elements cannabomb in,as it starts to fizz you will notice the top layer of medicated cannabis THC-CBD oil start to melt and disperse on the top of the water, the top layer is your first 50mg dose,as the bomb continues to fizz out and disperse all the other oils and herbs, u will then notice the center of the cannabomb will expose he 100mg dollub of pure medicated THC-CBD topical in the center, witch will continue to melt and disperse on top of the water, oil separates from water and floats to the top as well as clings to the skin tissue like a sponge, what you wanna do is soak or at least 20 minute, and massage the medicated cannabis oil all over your body, if you have help have someone rub it on your back, as you soak, the medicated topical will absorb into your skin tissue, as i have stated on the THC-CBD topicals page, YOU CAN NOT GET HIGH FROM TOPICALS, because its not entering the blood system,BUT as you all know, cannabis THC-CBD topicals have been proven scientifically to absorb into the skin tissue aiding in the relief all off kinds of ailments,from pain,burns, eczema,anxiety, and many more...once you have soaked for at last 20 minutes,rinse off with plain clean water and pat dry...and enjoy!!!!! $12 each.....much love God Bless... Rebeccah

DISCLOSURE -NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA- I make no medical claim, i know the FDA and big pharma are a bunch of money hungry bastards and would never approve or admit the amazing health benefits of Cannabis..but I/WE know the truth and thats all that matter,I myself have personally witnessed and well as hers the testimony of millions of medical cannabis users and the health benefits it brought to there lives,I CLAIM NO CURE,OR PROMISES OF ANYTHING...I ALLOW MY PRODUCTS TO SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.... so there for instead i will list what i know to be scientific fact as well as the thousands of feedback from cannabis users and  patients
Some of the notable benefits of A REAL medicated cannabomb include:
  • Eases stress and relaxes the body. ...
  • help Relieves pain and muscle cramps. ...
  • Helps muscles and nerves function properly. ...
  • Helps aiding in the relief of eczema
  • creates euphoric sexual sensation in aprox 87% users
  • Helps aiding in the relief/healing of burns
  • Helps aiding in the relief/healing of acne
  • Helps aiding in the relief/healing of mirgrains
  • Helps aiding in the relief/healing of insomnia
  • Helps aiding in the relief/healing menstrual cramps
  • Helps aiding in the relief/healing skin cancer and other skin ailments AND MUSH MUCH MORE
Elements of Eternity original Medicated Canna bombs
Elements of Eternity original Medicated Canna bombs

My Cannabis infused oils,butters,and salves are made using only the best TOP SELF Cannabis Flowers,testing at 29% THC,Using only natural ingredients ,my salves butters and bath bombs and oil's are made by infusing the THC-CBD into organic Coconut,olive,avocado,hemp seed oil,cocoa butter,and beeswax. For best results and maximum absorption,open skin pores by taking hot shower or bath before application,in some it may cause a tingling feeling followed by a slight especially numbness, when applied to lips,genitals  or other thin skin membranes... cannabis tropicals have been used for hundreds of years,studies have shown  cannabis topicals have a anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and viral ,anti cancer and aide in pain management and skin conditions just to name a few..  For Cannabombs,fill tub with hot water allow bomb to fizz and dissolve, oils and butters will float to the top of the water sticking to the skin,rub oils all over body,soak for 20 minutes,do not rinse ,pat body dry and massage oil residue into skin..*DISCLAIMER* due to the heavy amount of oils tub will be slick,use caution when getting out of tub to avoid slipping,rinse tub well after use, discontinue use if skin irritation occurs, all Cannabis infused oils and bath bombs  may cause drowsiness use caution when driving.. although tropicals do not cause you to get high in the same way smoking,it may cause drowsiness or a euphoric feeling, may cause numbness or tingling,although Cannabis infused products have been proven to aid in pain relief, skin rashes , bruises, and other heath problems,there is no cure all,these products are meant to aid and help in relief, of body pains,all people react different to cannabis products, i don't think theres anything that will make someone 100% pain free,but infused products have been proven to help by reducing pain, Although my products are all natural,and can be ingested,i am not responsible of the outcome if you ingest any of my infused oils,as they are highly concentrated in THC,they are meant as a topical..studies have shown that the skin absorbs the THC-CBD and aids in healing properties of pain.. cannabis infused topicals work by binding to a network of receptors called CB2,these receptors are found through out  the body,and are activated by your bodies naturally occurring endocannibendoids,or by the cannabis compound known as products contain both THC and CBD,both which are a anti  inflammatory and aids in the relief of arthritis cannabis Topicals have been known to treat,pain managements the same chemicals that help with pain by ingestion or smoking have been found to have the same effect in topicals, except you wont get high,skin Burns, skin infections,aiding in the healing of bacteria and viruses,improve tightness of skin,sexual pleasure by applying to genitals 30 minutes before sex,cancer treatment as cannabis has been shown to shrink cancer cells,. Instructions for canna bomb,fill tub with as hot of water as you can stand,to help aid in dissolve herbal blend salts and oils,,dump all salts in bath swish around until dissolved, place medicated canna bomb in bath allow to fizz,once bomb has reach the center,allow solid THC-CBD salve in center to melt and disperse oils in water, massage thc-cbd oil all over body,SOAK At least 25 MINUTES, rinse off with plain water ,pat dry...WARNING MAY CAUSE Drowsiness, and INTENSE Relaxation.. thank you for choosing Elements of Eternity,all my products are made with the purest ingredients, with the  most important ingredient of all LOVE.Rebeccah707-382-6995