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Elements of Eternity Humboldt /Elements Boss Bitch Line and Elements Humboldt organic Cultivation Farms and EOE Reno N.V LLC Alternative Healing medicine



"Forget Your Past, Forgive Yourself, And Begin living Again Right fucking Now"-Boss Bitch
"Forget Your Past, Forgive Yourself, And Begin living Again Right fucking Now"-Boss Bitch

Elements of Eternity Humboldt 2018 Boss Bitch line and Boss Bitch empowering Women campaign☯️☮🔱♀️♂️♾


A confident, successful and independent woman who speaks her fucking mind and stands up for what she believes in. She keeps it 100% real with everyone, sets boundaries and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. She is unique, courageous and fierce. Her dreams are big, but her ambition is bigger. She is an advocate for the empowerment of women and knows that a strong mindset and putting herself first is for the betterment of everyone and everything around her. Her positive energy, charisma and drive to succeed make her an influential leader, role model and mentor to other women. She is a force to be reckoned with and can be intimidating from afar, but once you get to know her you’ll realize she can be a loving, caring friend, confidante and your own personal cheerleader." BE A BOSS-

First off if you already getting triggered/ offended and Salty over what you have already seen here On my site GET THE FUCK OFF MY WEBSITE, and find your cannabis Meds somewhere else!!Cuz Humboldts #1 original  Og  Boss Bitch  DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT U HATERS THINK💯Elements Humboldt,Elements  Boss Bitch line and empowering Women campaign represents THE REAL Fucking PEOPLE of this world, it represents strength, courage, survival,self esteem, LOVE and overcoming suffering, disease, healing, and unleashing the inner boss bitch or Boss Dick of the systematic fuckery an challenges of whatever suffering this world and systematic Mass brainwashing and manipulation has done to you, whether that is surviving or fighting cancer, domestic violence, trauma, rape, depression,, low self-esteem , child molestation, physical, sexual, and mental abuse.. and saying FUCK YOU TO the systemic oppression,shame, embarrassment, low self-esteem, set upon both males and females.. and desexualizing the female human Body... FUCK YOU to all the mothafuckahhh who View the human female body as some sort of sexual possession for SEX ONLY... YALL MOTHAFUCKAHS WHO THINK LIKE THAT GOT IT FUCKIN TWISTED.. the human naked female body is beautiful art,the beautiful pink pussy AKA FLOWER OF LIFE  represents the womb and "life Giver" .. the female breast represent nourishment and life for our young, and our beautiful asses that come in all shapes and sizes represent what you mothafuckahs can kiss for thinking thinking OTHRRWISE.. the United States is one of the very few countries, who have systematically brainwashed are females into believing that their bodies are for sexual pleasure only, our beautiful breasts which were created to nourish and give life to our children, and our beautiful vaginas beautifully designed to give birth and life, has turned into something we should be ashamed of, brainwashed into believing it's nothing more then for man sexual pleasure.. we were brainwashed into believing we must cover our self up or we are a slut, it's shameful to even breastfeed our children in public, and if we even want to dress up and feel sexy about ourselves and wear short dress and show cleavage then we are a slut, a hoe, someone asking to be raped..FUCK THAT SHIT.. STOP BELIEVING  THE LIES.. Stop Believing the systematic brainwashing but you are not perfect in every sense of the word if you don't look like Kim Kardashian, or some sort of Brazilian model, STOP BELIEVING that you are anything less than fucking perfect my fellow boss bitches,no matter how fat you are, skinny you are, scars you have, stretch marks you have, crooked teeth, poor, Rich, light skin, dark skin, blemishes, moles, freckles, short,tall, gay, straight, transgender, Wtf eva u are....YOU ARE FUCKING PERFECT.. fuck what u see on Instagram, social media, and TV, there is no such thing as perfect Beauty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which makes every fucking single person female or male beautiful..Boss Bitch Humboldt represents  the true you, the person Society has made you suppress and feel ashamed of, forcing you into believing some false ideal ology what beauty and perfect and success truly is,We represent REAL, we represent embracing are true beauty,SCARS AND ALL!!! Let's get one thing clear also Elements  Boss Bitch DOES NOT REPRESENT HATE OF ANY KIND, especially of men, that's not what this is about, in fact men are very much loved and adored I/WE LOVE OUR MEN, so let's not get this cause twisted.. as a Survivor of systematic childhood sexual, mental, and physical abuse as well as rape, and a Cancer Survivor..I still love men, I never allowed  hate to consume me... Assholes,Bitches, and haters come in all shapes and sizes it doesn't mean the entire sex as a whole should be judged off of the actions of a few...  FUCK WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT,FUCK THE low self-esteem and self-hate that's Whispering lies in your ears, low self-esteem is a liar,YOU ARE FUCKING PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.. stop trying to be the Sheep mentality of what Society has brainwashed you into believing is beauty, perfect or success, be you, stand up and be a survivor, be strong, be confident, dress sexy if you want, the fuck what anyone says about you FUCK THE HATERS,FUCK the Kardashians,FUCK LIERS,FUCK CANCER,LUPUS,RACISM, bigotry, sexism, , depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, always stand tall, strong, courageous, don't ever be a victim always be a survivor, and when this world knocks you down, get the fuck back up and fuck it BALLS MOTHAFUCKAN DEEP BABY💯💯💯- Rebeccah Stanbridge

aka Humboldt  Boss Bitch..

Elements of Eternity medical cannabis Collective  2018 empowering Women campaign,We are 5,000 strong from all over the United States We are Looking for strong confident Women ( OVER 21) interested in being featured to be in beautiful cannabis themed simulated nude art photoshoots like these photo shoots of  elements owner Rebecca,, to be featured on Elements medical marijuana Collective® official website,and also cannabis, and Women's Health and survival websites and Magazines.. for a campaign empowering women, And de-sexualizing females, which will be featured this summer..i also want to do semi and nude photo shoots with some females in the cannabis garden once they are in flower. That would be awesome  as fuck an bad-ass....iam looking for Real women,real fighters, and survivors who use cannabis, of all walks of life, colors, shapes and sizes, in fact the more battle scars the better, the purpose of the campaign is for empowering women, for them to tell their stories of survival encourage, to bring out their self worth, and self-esteem and self-love, the purpose of the simulated nude photoshoots is to desexualize women, the human body is beautiful art, and there's nothing to be ashamed of, it's only Society and false perverted perception that his turn the naked female body into something that is sexualized and something that should be ashamed of and covered up, and to show women that you do not have to be a perfect false media and Society perception of what is considered pretty or beautiful, the truth of the matter is everyone is beautiful, there is absolutely no such thing as ugly...Your photos and story will be featured along side Rebeccahs and other females as the face of elements® empowering Women campaign,as well as continuous modeling work for Featured medical marijuana products for elements website,and magazines.... this amazing beautiful photo shoot I did of Rebeccah stands for courage and strength, they represent , " I am NOT ASHAMED", this body tells a unique story of hurt,pain,cancer, betrayal,scares, sexual physical and mental abuse, courage and SURVIVAL.... your photo shoot along with your story will be featured, as well as how cannabis has helped you in your life... if you are interested and being a featured model for elements of Eternity medical cannabis Collective Humboldt County California, please contact via the contact page or text 707-382-6995..