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Elements of Eternity Humboldt /Elements Boss Bitch Line and Elements Humboldt organic Cultivation Farms and EOE Reno N.V LLC Alternative Healing medicine




Elements ┬«original " Adios Mothafuckah"  creamy Hot Chocolate  and Elements┬« " Bitch Slapped n Fucked in half" white chocolate mocha coffee latteMEDICATED WITH ORGANIC RSO OIL...100-300 milligrams yall these names speak for MUST BE 21 FOR EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY, THESE WILL LITERALLY KNOCK YOU ON YOUR ASS, like seriously no joke, you'll just be standing there perfectly fine one minute then about 20 minutes after consumption..BAMMMM!!! Face slammed on the I specifically formulated for patients with higher tolerance and severe chronic pain, for night time use ONLY, as I do not care how high your tolerance is you will not be unscaved from the effects of this drink, but don't worry yall, I am in the process of formulating lower doses for folks  with normal to low tolerance

Elements of Eternity Humboldt, is proud to announce its launch of its newest Medical creation to its edible line, Elements Humboldt is happy to announce its launch of its medicated hot drink line, available in several different flavors, including hot chocolate, spiced chai tea, mocha coffee latte, vanilla bean latte, amaretto coffee latte,and hazelnut mocha cappuccino.. when I created the formulas for my new hot drink line, I specifically created it for patients with severe chronic pain, cancer, in severe anxiety and insomnia in mind, although solid edibles such as my medicated protein bars and fudge, are very effective for a lot of people, unfortunately there are patients who have severe gut issues, or severe nausea, and their gut either has a hard time breaking down solid foods, or they're too nauseous to hold it down, in the case of patients who have gut issues and Metabolism issues, when eating a solid edible if their body metabolizes it too fast or too slow, or does not break down the edible all the way there body is only absorbing a small portion of the medicinal medical benefits of the Cannabis medicine, they are the reason I created my hot drink line, when THC and CBD oils and extracts are in a hot liquid form, it makes it easier for the body, because the body does not have to work so hard to break down the medical marijuana, because not only is it in a liquid form but it's also a hot drink, so instead of waiting for the gut to digest and break down the THC and CBD and CBN, so liquid drink goes directly into the gut and metabolizes through the liver as quick as drinking water, this has been an amazing alternative an option for patients who have a hard time breaking solid foods down, gut issues, or too fast or too slow of a metabolism... with that said, I caution with this drink, it is specifically formulated for patients with higher tolerance, and has a very powerful punch to it, hitting pretty hard within 20 to 30 minutes, this hot drink line is for experienced medical marijuana users only, and I only recommend taking this drink at night, as it hits hard.. as a medical marijuana pharmacist I put my heart and soul into my passion of alleviating pain and suffering from patients with all different kinds of diseases and ailments, specifically pain sufferers,and cancer, with that said, I am the first to admit how incredibly dangerous this drink would be in the wrong hands, not in a sense of dying or bodily harm, as that is impossible because you cannot overdose or die from marijuana, but in a sense that if somebody got behind a wheel of a car while under the influence of this drink it would be incredibly dangerous, I don't think some people especially Young Recreational users, fully understand and comprehend the power and potency of medical marijuana products, with that said I highly recommend this product for experienced medical marijuana users only...Each drink comes in a pre measured sealed pouch with stir spoon and instructions  made with pure Indica extracts  300mg each...$14 
-Creamy milk chocolate hot cocoa, comes with Organic fluffy vanilla marshmallows, white and milk chocolate chips
- French vanilla mocha latte coffee
- hazelnut latte coffee

- milk chocolate mocha cappuccino
- spiced chai Creamy tea 

Hello and thank you for choosing elements of Eternity medical marijuana Collective Humboldt County California, we are super excited to bring you our new medicated herbal teas, which are amazing for chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia,.. please follow instructions on how to use and drink your medicated herbal tea and hot drinks, for an amazing relaxing night sleep,WARNING these hot drinks have activated THC approximately 285 -300 mg per cup, please do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how this medicine affect you, I recommend first time users to drink this tea at night until you know how it affects you, thank you much love God bless..Rebeccah

Instructions- Hot chocolate/or coffee drinks 1)Boil water in teapot or pan on stove over medium Heat, I do not recommend microwaves as it does not heat evenly, and can reach temperatures above 315 degrees which could vaporize the activated THC and CBD DO NOT REHEAT IN MICROWAVE-Pour entire contents of pre measured medicated hot drink powder mixture in 8 oz mug,pour boiling water over mixture and stir until dissolved, unlike the tea YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT FOR IT TO STEEP, stir 1 minute after adding boiled water, drink entire cup while still hot, remember to continue to stir until WHOLE cup is gone, to prevent cannabis oil from separating and sticking to the sides of the cup..

 Instructions- TEA 1)Boil water in teapot or pan on stove over medium Heat, I do not recommend microwaves as it does not heat evenly, and can reach temperatures above 315 degrees which could vaporize the activated THC and CBD DO NOT REHEAT IN MICROWAVE2) Place tea bag in 6-10 oz he safe mug, pour boiling water over tea bag, and allowed to steep for approximately 15-20 minutes, remember to stir your tea bag to release its goodness inside, while the water in your mug is still hot pour contents of custom vanilla bean herb and Spice creamer, and stir, continue to steep for 15 to 20 minutes, after your stepping time has passed ring out tea bag really well releasing all the herbs, spices, and THC oil, drink  whole cup of tea for best results, THC CBD oils will separate from your water so continue to stir while drinking,.. please remember that these are real medical marijuana products, meaning they were infused with real medical marijuana, so you will taste some marijuana, but I put my heart and soul into this formula and did the best I could to make it taste decent LOL... once you have finished your cup of medicated medical marijuana tea, you should feel the effects Within 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on your metabolism.. I recommend drinking the tea fairly quickly while it's warm, because once the T starts cooling down the THC oils will start to solidify and turn into solids in the tea, and sticking to the sides of the mug.... sit back and enjoy you're nice relaxing calming medicated tea.. much love God bless Rebecca

WARNING!!!!  THESE HOT DRINKS WERE formulated for seasoned experience THC medical marijuana users, not recommended for folks who have never ingested THC products before, this formula and blend was specifically created for chronic pain sufferers, cancer patients, people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and sleep issues, depending on how fast or slow your body metabolizes THC, and how fast the CBD signals your delta-9 THC receptors in your brain this tea could either hit really hard and really fast, or come on very slow, and because no two people metabolize THC the same I cannot tell you anything other than there can be a delayed effect up to an hour and a half upon ingesting medical marijuana edibles including teas, but what I can say is through years of knowledge and experience and being a certified medical marijuana pharmacist, warm liquid melted medical marijuana THC product seem to hit faster, as the body does not have to melt it and break it down the same way they do with an edible, most people start feeling effects within 20 minutes, hitting the hardest after 2 and 1/2 hours.. with all this said, I truly hope you enjoy your cup of elements medicated herbal tea, and find relief from whatever ailment you are suffering from.. I love you all, made with love from my spirit to yours, rebeccah stanbridge, God bless...