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Medical Cannabis THC-CBD Pain Tinctures

Boss Bitch new Spicy peppermint ice skrilla MOTHAFUCKAHHH tincture$95 per 1oz
Boss Bitch new Spicy peppermint ice skrilla MOTHAFUCKAHHH tincture$95 per 1oz

Specifically Formulated for  Cancer patients Fibromyaljia,chronic pain insomnia,seizures,Depression,appetite stimulant,and nausea and many more  Indica Bud Flower THC Tincture
Specifically Formulated for Cancer patients Fibromyaljia,chronic pain insomnia,seizures,Depression,appetite stimulant,and nausea and many more Indica Bud Flower THC Tincture

Humboldt Ass Whoopin®

Redwood spice

THC/CBD Tincture /Elixor 1 oz 3,000MG THC

Elements Of Eternity Humboldt Medical Marajana Collective



Here at Elements, i take pride to produce,create and formulate the best most potent,purest medical marinara medicines for my fellow medical marajana users,i put my ,love,heart and soul into every product,recipe,and formula.when creating my original cannabis medicine..when creating this formula for this rightfully named " Humboldt Ass Whoopin"THC Tincture, i had one thing in mind.. " EASING THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF all illnesses,weather its cancer,back pain,MS,migrain,insomnia,fibromyaljia,chronic pain,or what ever painful hell life has thrown your way..with Just a few drops.. Cannabis tinctures, also known as green or golden dragon, are alcohol-based cannabis extracts – essentially, infused 99% GRAIN alcohol. In fact, tinctures were the main form of cannabis medicine until the United States enacted cannabis prohibition. With a name like “Humboldt Ass whoopin"” you might think cannabis tinctures are not for the faint of heart, but they’re actually a great entry point for both recreational and medical users looking to ease into smokeless lifestyle with the amazing cannabis healing and pain relieving effects of THC AND CBD.. A short chemistry lesson: THC actually doesn’t reside within the precious nugs that sit in one’s stash box or a battered baggie in their Humboldt hoodie. Unknown to many cannabis consumers, THC is stored within the plant as THC-A, the acidic precursor to THC. Only when sufficient heat is applied, as during baking, smoking, or vaporizing, is the THC-A decarboxylated and converted to THC.It is estimated that 80-90 percent of the THC in raw cannabis is stored in the form of THC-A (minor decarboxylation also occurs during the drying phase of harvesting). When burned or vaped, and extracted, about 95 percent of the THC-A in raw cannabis is converted to THC. The conditions for which THC-A provides relief include insomnia, muscle spasms and seizures, and nausea/vomiting, making it very effective for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It also relieves pain, acts as an appetite stimulant (perfect for wasting syndromes), and — possibly of most value — is believed to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells.From a chemical perspective, decarboxylation simply means that the THC-A molecule, when it encounters sufficient heat, drops a carbon dioxide molecule, giving it a slight change in molecular structure. Although small, this transmogrification is significant enough to now allow the molecule to fit into the CB1 receptors that populate the brain and nervous system within one’s endocannabinoid system — and produce the euphoric psychoactive effect that has most been associated with cannabis indica within the popular media since the mid-20th century.For parents such as these — as well as patients with dozens of other diseases and ailments — one tremendous advantage of tinctures over edibles is more rapid onset. While edibles require between 45 minutes and two hours to even begin taking effect, tinctures go to work after as little as 15 minutes. For patients trying to treat severe pain or avoid the nausea of chemotherapy, waiting one to two hours for their medicine to begin taking effect is simply not practical. For young children, smoking and vaping typically isn’t a viable option

Another advantage that tinctures share with canna-foods and their concentrate cousins is stealth. Tinctures are discrete and mimic conventional pharmaceutical medicines. No one medicating with the sublingual application of a cannabis tincture in an office setting or a restaurant will generate strange glances or suspicions. Because only 23 of 50 U.S. states have legal medical cannabis programs in place, this stealth factor is of no small consequence to millions of beleaguered patients throughout America who live in prohibitionist states and everyone who simply can’t light up while sitting at their office desk or during a cross-country flight....My medical marajana TCH CBD tincture...When creating this tincture formula,i wanted to set my self apart and create a formula thaT WOULD SUPRESS EVEN THE WORST OF PAIN SUFFERERS, WITH THAT SAID  HUMBOLDT ASS WHOOPIN, IS VERY POTENT, AND IS A SCHEDUAL 1 CLASS NARCOTIC, AND SHOULD BE USED WITH EXTREME CAUTION AND CARE,because Humboldt Ass Whoopin is a alcohol base tincture,it bypasses the liver and rapidly absorbs into the blood system,which is what makes tinctures so amazing for those who need fast long lasting relief,i recommend starting out with 1-4 drops under the tongue, for as long as you can stand it,wait min of 25 minutes before taking more,NO 2 people metabolize THC the same,so it is up to each person to find there dose,its best to not take enough then take to much and be glued to the floor..WARNING-Humboldt ass whoopin has aprox 3,000mh THC per oz= 100mg per 1 ml AND WILL KNOCK YOU THE FUCK OUT  IF OVER DONE,SO USE CAUTION AND RESPONSIBILITY, i am not responsible or liable for anyone who misuses this product SO BE SMART!!! for beginners with NO TOLERANCE-1-3 DROPS under tongue wait 35 minutes before taking more to find your dose- people with medium thc tolerance- take 2-6 drops hold under tongue wait 30 minutes before taking more to find your dose...people with high tolerance - take 1 -2 full droppers full aprox 1-2 ml...DO NOT DRIVE TILL YOU KNOW HOW THIS PRODUCT EFFECTS YOU..SHAKE BOTTLE WELL BEFORE EACH USE....THESE IS NO such thing as a THC overdose, nor has anyone died from consuming to much TCH,,BUT you could over do it  to the point you wish you were, its called "Going Green" AND ITS NOT FUN, caused by your TCH receptors being overloaded, SYMPTOMS OF GOING GREEN INCLUDE, heaviness,dizziness,nausea,vomiting,spinning room,feeling of racing heart,panic,fear you are dying,,scared,heavy eyes.confusion,slurred speech,,..Rest assured if this happens to you,DO NOT CALL THE AMBULANCE, YOU ARE NOT DYING NOR IS YOUR LIFE IN DANGER..You just over loaded your THC receptors and just got a "HUMBOLDT ASS WHOOPIN"  ..WARNING DO NOT MIX WITH MEDS THAT HAVE ADVERSE REACTIONS TO ALCOHOL..ALCOHOL in this product MAY INTENSIFY THE EFFECTS OF YOUR MEDS, THIS MEDICATION CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND OR WORST NIGHTMARE,BE SMART follow the directions,start slow, and you will find the magical healing of this product, if done right this tincture could change your life for the better..much love  creator of HUMBOLDT ASS WHOOPIN..Specifically Formulated for 

Cancer patients

Fibromyaljia,chronic pain

insomnia,seizures,Depression,appetite stimulant,and nausea and many more 

Indica Bud Flower THC Tincture