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Elements of Eternity Humboldt /Elements Boss Bitch Line and Elements Humboldt organic Cultivation Farms and EOE Reno N.V LLC Alternative Healing medicine


Elements of Eternity Collective Agreement and return/exchange policy

thank you for your interest in becoming a member elements of of attorney medical cannabis Collective humboldt..

Elements of Eternity Humboldt product warranty and return/ Exchange policies..

Elements of Eternity medical Collective Humboldt County thrives to produce the most potent pure organic medicines on the market, all our products here at elements are 100% made by hand, organic, and lab tested.. our medical cannabis recipes, techniques, and formulas are what set us apart from everyone else, because our products are hand-made from start to finish, no two products look exactly the same, but guaranteed same flavor and milligrams, beings our products are hand made from scratch, and our techniques and recipes and formulas are different than others, if you are expecting products that look like store bought perfect machine made candies or edibles, then elements is not the place for you as being 100% hand made from scratch all our products are perfectly imperfect and due to the fact that all are Edibles are made with Organic medical marijuana cannabis THC CBD extract, concentrates, and cannabis butter, all Edibles need to stay in the refrigerator  to prevent  soften melted oils in products....Elements ONLY offers a full 100% Exchange policy if products are received crushed, or destroyed, for instance you receive a vape cartridge, or a edible, that has been completely crushed, broke or destroyed. photo proof of damaged products, boxes and packaging upon arrival is required, photos must be taken upon arrival immediately, showing proof of completely destroyed damaged products upon arrival,all sales are final, elements does not offer refunds for exchanges for reasons such as, you don't like how it looks, taste, smells, harshness of Bud flower or vape cartridges, products to strong or too weak, or if you change your mind, once products leave elements facility they cannot be refunded, as any products that leave our facility cannot be resold and must be thrown in the garbage, whether you use them or not... beings all our products and Edibles are made using pure full plant extract cannabis Butters, concentrates, and infusions, you will taste cannabis in all elements products, there is no refund if you do not like the taste of elements products, no two people have the same taste buds or likes, some people love the taste of cannabis, While others cannot stand it, elements also does not offer a return policy if our products either get you too intoxicated, or you don't feel anything at all, as no 2 people metabolize THC and CBD the same, while some patients only need 2mg to feel relief and effects, while the next patient it may take them upwards of 500 mg for the same effect, the same with all our dry Bud flower, Vape juices, tinctures and so on.. elements of Eternity thrives on providing organic, pure medical cannabis products, our techniques and recipes and formulas are what set us apart, we are not in competition with any others in the Cannabis industry, and our products do not look or taste anything like what you will by in mainstream medical dispensaries or collectives, our products are so different and unique there is no comparison, nor competition, as elements of Eternity Humboldt support everyone in the medical marijuana industry, that's what makes this industry so beautiful is all the amazing talented Minds that come up with their own techniques and formulas, each one of us have our own techniques and recipes.. if you find that elements of Eternity Humboldt and our products to harsh, potent, or do not agree with your taste buds, no hard feelings folks!!! please shop around at other dispensaries as there are thousands and thousands of other creative talented Minds who have come up with cannabis products, the options are endless, this industry has thousands and thousands of options for every taste buds LOL thank you for choosing elements of Eternity Humboldt much love God bless elements crew

Elements of Eternity Humboldt pre-filled Vape cartridge exchange policy

Elements of Eternity Humboldt ONLY offers a full 100% replacement Vape cartridge if received crushed, or damaged, as stated in elements instructions and guarantee pamphlet that came with your pre-filled Vape cartridge proof of damaged goods upon arrival must be shown via photos... elements does not offer exchanges or refunds of our Vape cartridges for reasons such as

- you do not like the flavor

- pre-filled Vape cartridge work fine then stopped working

- pre-filled Vape cartridge too harsh on throat or lungs ( if this happens lower voltage or wattage on vape battery pack)

- not getting large Vape clouds ( refer to your voltage on battery pack, as all pre-filled Vape cartridges and batches are, and with proper battery pack and vape pen elements pre-filled Vape cartridges create large fluffy potent clouds)

- Vape cartridge leaks after using( all elements Vape cartridges are tested for seal and leakage before leaves facility, once Vape cartridge leaves our facility it is user's responsibility to properly store and use and use proper voltage and wattage battery packs, as the way a person stores, carries pen, or if persons battery pack gets too hot can cause Vape oil too burn too hot, fry coil pack, burn cotton wick, and cause leakage)

- not potent AKA not getting high _ this is entirely a tolerance and battery pack issue, as all elements products and vape juices are lab tested, and no two people metabolize THC products the same, smoking your elements pre-filled Vape cartridge out of proper vape pen battery pack is extremely important, as 2-week of a battery or too strong of a battery pack will greatly affect the effects of our pre-filled Vape cartridges, please read instructions provided with your Vape cartridges carefully...